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SO! You guys know my Culturally Diverse Literature professor, right? The one I absolutely can't stand because he is, in fact, totally and completely inept? Yeah. That one.

Last Wednesday he says he's got a treat for us on Monday. Treat never means good things, especially the fact we're all the more pissed because we just had a friggin' test two days before.

Of course, some of us already have a fucked up weekend- hell, I've got a day trip, a paper, Nanowrimo, and my normal work shift to go on (add that right now my leg's very gimped up leg. -_-). Another test? I say "Oh shit."

So, today, I drag myself up to his class, not knowing if I have to write, but hey! It's a Blackboard quiz! Woot!

So I log on, go to the assignments, open the quiz...and...error.

Refresh, open quiz. Error. Look over at classmates. Same befuddled faces.

Ten to one says that he fucked up the file, is blaming Blackboard for it, but cancels the quiz.

Sorta good that we got out of it...but DUDE. There IS tech help on campus.
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