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Go on, I'll give you a topic-

I have to ask, does anyone else think it was a good idea for my professor to suggest that we could incorporate earlier papers into our big one?

Talk amongst yourselves.
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I think it's a great idea. I remember that in my fall semester, I had an English paper due, as well as one for my major. My english prof just looked at us and said, 'If you're doing a paper in one of your other classes, you can use that. I like to read about the different majors here.' It was awesome, because I ended up turning in my Hospitality paper on the Top Ten Haunted Hotels as my English paper, and she got a real kick out of it :D
It's more of the fact that my professor's been such a prick about this paper so far- 10 sources at least, won't read over anything, won't give any help to individual students- that I'm worried about including a two-page chunk of a scene analysis. *sighs*