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Confessions of Incorrigible College Students

Juvenalian College Life

11/17/05 02:43 pm - princessstarr - Sociology...

Talking about sociological institutions- first batter up; the family. Discussion? Why is it so hard to define it?

Prof: Ok. So, nowadays, why is it for us to define who family is?
Guy in front: Orphans? Is that it?
About everyone else:...
Me: *facepalm*

11/15/05 12:40 pm - darkbeethoven - Let's celebrate finals!!!

This is the last one for today :D

During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the director what the criteria is that defines whether a patient should be institutionalized or not. "Well," said the director, "we fill up a bathtub with water, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask the patient to empty the water out of the tub."

Okay, here's your test:
1. Would you use the spoon?
2. Would you use the teacup?
3. Would you use the bucket?

your results...Collapse )

So how did you do? I'm typing this from my padded cell

11/11/05 11:08 am - darkbeethoven

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11/3/05 09:18 pm - princessstarr - Classes and such

So! Here at my proud little college, it is time for scheduling (which got fucked over by this week's blackout =_=). Yay scheduling!

And tonight (taking a tiniest bit of a break from NaNo madness), I decided to go through the ShipUnderground where all the students come to bitch about their teachers (for some weird reason, my roomie used it to pick her classes for next semester. Um...yeah, that's definitely stupid, IMHO, but that's just IMO)

So- discussion! Worst prof you've had so far. Rant away.

*As for mine- it's either between my World History 2 prof (who did nothing but rant and ended up getting arrested and fired) or the idiot that teaches my Cult. Lit class*

11/2/05 06:17 pm - princessstarr - *screams in frustation*

I'm taking Cultural Literature this semester- not a bad class, pass if you do the required reading, nothing too big.

My professor, on the other hand...

First, he has put most of his quizzes/tests on our Blackboard site, but FAILS to tell us until the day of a quiz/test whether or not if we will take in class.

NOW! Monday, we were scheduled for test, his implication that it would be online. However, due to a power outage on Sunday night, all classes were cancelled for Monday.

So, I go online to check my Blackboard stuff for another class, and just out of curiosity, see if there are any announcements on the Cult Lit one- Say! There's the test we're supposed to have. I ought to take it, just in case it's not pushed back.

SO. Today. I go up to my Cult Lit class, and the other students are discussing an email saying that the test was scheduled for today and is IN CLASS.

Me: But the test was on Blackboard on Monday...
Everyone else: What are you, stupid? Don't you read your email?
Me: >.> You know, people DO have multiple classes in a row.

And I'm sitting there FUMING when the prof comes in.


He does NOT say "Was there anyone who took the test on Blackboard on Monday? If so, you are excused."

Oh, but wait! Some guy who comes into the room TWENTY minutes after we start mentions that HE has taken the test on Monday, and is henceforth excused.

Dear Prof.-

Albeit being a college professor, you sir, are AN IDIOT. Why the FUCK would you post a test on a DAY OFF from classes and NOT send an email saying that the test has been moved? In fact, why do you send out emails FIVE FUCKING MINUTES BEFORE CLASS STARTS and assume that we have read them?

And yet, you also assume that all of us slacked off on our day off. I'm pretty sure most of us did. However, SOME people did take advantage of the situation and caught up on their reading and such, and guess what! They took the test! IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO ASK "Has anyone already taken the test on Blackboard?" IT ASTOUNDS ME THAT YOU ARE A COLLEGE PROFESSOR, WHEN YOUR SKILLS ARE SIMILAR TO MY TEACHERS BACK AT THE CESSPOOL! YOU! OUT OF MY MAJOR!

Kindly PLEASE retire NOW, and do not further embarass the English department here. You sir, fail at life.

Not yours,
Laura alias an Extremely Pissed Off Student.

PS. Your class sucks

*Sorry for the rant, but...ARGH.*

10/28/05 03:11 pm - princessstarr

From my Brit Lit discussion board (keep in mind, nearly everyone in the course is an English Major):

"One of the main themes in the movie was class differences and how marriage really was an institution that could make or break a person especially if they didn't marry a woman with money. Mr. Willabe had to leave Maryanne because she was not rich so he met the blonde aristocrat and married her while the Colonel was also hurt in society because he married a woman who was also poor. He had to build back his reputation and his wealth with hard work. It also discussed women's rights...or the lack of. The four women were kicked out of their own house just because her husband died leaving them alone without money. Wills didn't mean much either because Fanny talked her husband into taking away more money from the Dashwoods. I was glad it ended the way it did even though I know most of the time it probably didn't end that happily."

...say wha? I can barely understand this.

10/19/05 02:25 pm - princessstarr - A two-fer!

I know I posted about Psych earlier here today...but MAN, does this ever take the cake.

On a discussion about mood-altering drugs:
Prof: Give me an example of a depressant.
3/4 of the guys: POT!
Prof: Erm. No. Try alcohol. Okay, how about stimulants?
Same 3/4: POT!
Prof: THANK YOU. Caffiene is a stimulant.
Guy behind me: But...pot stimulates something, right?

10/19/05 12:12 pm - princessstarr

A quote in my Psych text, Consciousness chapter:

"Sleep faster! We need the pillows!"

10/18/05 01:00 pm - darkbeethoven

HERE'S a sex-ed class for you!


10/16/05 07:22 pm - princessstarr - Famous Last Words

My roommate: Yeah...I procranstinated this weekend, but I think this'll be the only time I'll do that. No more procranstination for me.
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