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So I was stressed about the fact that I had two research projects due in two different classes at the same time. One for English, and one for my Hotel/Restaurant Management course (I'm majoring in Restaurant Management). Well, the one for HRM has to do, obviously, with a restaurant, bathrooms, etc. You know, stuff to do with the Hospitality industry. So I decided that I would do Haunted Hotels in America. Basically, we have to find a top-10 list of whatever our subject is. So I still had to find a research project for English...

...until it occured to me that these two professors don't compare class notes, homework, etc. So I decided that I'm going to do two copies of ONE report. Anyone else ever come across something like this? I figure if I can get away with stealing my last-minute papers from some obscure website to pass English 101, I can pull this off no problem =^_^=

It's great being the typical procrastinating lazy college student XD
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