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Confessions of Incorrigible College Students

Juvenalian College Life

5/5/05 02:18 pm - darkbeethoven - WARNING!!!!

This is just your average friendly warning post!!!!

There is a *NEW* worm going around, specifically to Hotmail accounts. Make sure that if you get anything from a webmaster at AOL, or from other people, it's coming under AOL as a blocked email, and others it says "ok, ok, ok;;; here it is"

This is what happens when you look at in hotmail: It gives you a notice that a virus was found, entitled WORM_SOBER.S


I don't know how many of you still use Juno, but they are notorious for allowing viruses onto your computer. Just giving the heads up!


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5/3/05 10:39 am - darkbeethoven

New community. It was created for those of mock_the_stupid who have been rejected. Stupid shit, stories, and people, please come!



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4/8/05 01:09 pm - darkbeethoven

Something to make even us tired college people smile:

This is a double post, because I saw that someone else had one of the headlines, but it's still funny. Genked this from tuskyn's journal:

Weird Headlines -

Teacher Accused Of Forcing 5-Year-Old To Unclog School Toilet

Fair's Petting Zoo Canceled, Replaced With Racing Pigs

Dog Gets Stem Cell Transplant

Fla. Teacher Accused Of Drinking, Smoking Pot With Students

Smelly Cash Lands Man In Jail

11-Year-Old Boy Arrested As Suspected Heroin Dealer

4/8/05 11:38 am - darkbeethoven

I'm enrolled at a pre-college program (to get some refresher courses to remind me of schoolwork) until my school semester starts in May. This was the following conversation between the Dean and a soon-to-be student at CCAC.

Remind you, this girl is going to COLLEGE. And just for some background, we have 4 campuses.

D = Dean
C = college student wannabe

C: Are you going to be the dean of my campus?
D: what campus are you going to?
C: CCAC (our college)
D: Yeah, but what campus?
C: *pauses to think* CCAC
D: *sigh*


I love college sometimes =^_^=

2/17/05 03:52 pm - purrgrowl - Randumb thought

Don't you hate it when people in your classes just ramble on and on trying to 'impress' the prof with their 'intelligence' when what they're sayin really has no relation whatsoever to the discussion?

Worst example: My English class last spring, there was a girl who was always talking about calculus. And my prof was constantly like, "Yes, but we're in English class."


2/8/05 10:01 pm - purrgrowl - Velcome.

Well. Every day I see people doing stupid things, saying stupid things, and generally things about life that irk me and/or resonate with me. I also figured that, like me, there are tons of people who have experiences like this but would like to write about it. I'm also tired of the PC restraints put upon me in this shithole of the PC movement I live in. So I made this place for all of us to be as critical, un-PC, and as scathing we want about day to day occurances. So go ahead, post, be as loud as the hell you want.

Ground Rules:

1. Swearing is okay...but to sound intelligent...please don't use swears every other word. It makes things difficile to read.
2. Please don't insult other members of this group...too bad anyway ;o)
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